How Running Helps You Lose Weight

The running is a popular way to lose weight and burn fat . So when we feel that we have lost our form or we have put on a few kilos, we resort to running to return to our physical condition. After all, it is such a simple way of training that you only need a pair of good sneakers.

However, are you sure you know how to run the right way to get better results? Did you know that there are some tips to achieve the best possible results while running? So find out how you can burn more fat by running and achieve the best results.

How To Achieve More Fat Burning By Running.

When do we burn fat?
Our body uses both fat and carbohydrates as an energy source to carry out various activities. However, depending on the type of exercise, the percentage of energy that comes from fat changes.

In terms of running, and more fat when running at a pace at which you can maintain a normal conversation, that is, when running at a slow pace. That is when fat is used as the main source of energy.

Low intensity and long duration running.

A slow low-intensity run is the best way to lose fat, as in low-intensity activities fat is what is used as an energy source. However, in low-intensity exercise you need more time to burn a lot of calories. Therefore, try to run gently for more than 30 minutes.

High intensity and short run.

The intense running for some time has a different effect in burning calories and fat. In fast running, carbohydrates are used as the main source of energy, not fat. Thus, the amount of fat burned is lower. However, what you achieve with fast running is to burn more calories in less time. In addition, vigorous running strengthens the muscles.

Therefore, the right way to run depends on your goals and your appetite! In any case, running is a good aerobic exercise that if you adopt it will only offer you benefits. As long as you think from the beginning the goals you want to achieve with such a way of exercising and adjust it accordingly, according to everything you have learned.

And of course do not forget that running alone is not enough for a healthy image and a better body! Exercise can play a very important role, but proper nutrition is just as important to burn more fat and lose weight.

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