Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat - How to Burn Belly Fat Fast

It is important to know the difference between losing weight and burning fat . If you want to lose weight you just want to reduce your total body weight. This means losing muscle, bone and fat mass. When you want to burn fat you probably want to lose weight in more specific areas such as the abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs and arms. There are some exercises to burn belly fat fast.

In fact, losing points in specific problem areas is more desirable than losing weight. Three factors can contribute to this. Exercise, a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. You also need to be patient and exercise at least every three days.

Fitness Exercises for a Flat Stomach.

01- Exercise from yoga.
Sun salutation is an exercise that literally burns fat while at the same time it is beneficial for the whole body. Yoga has been shown to reduce body fat. Surya Namaskar is perfect for stretching while stretching the body in such a way that it flattens the abdomen.

02- Exercises that burn belly fat

Of course not only yoga and Pilates are useful exercises for our purpose but there are other exercises you can do. The lateral abs, the "bike" and the push ups are ideal for a flat stomach.

03- Five minute Pilates exercises

Another method of exercise that is popular for its results in difficult areas is Pilates and more specifically abdominal exercises. To do these exercises all you need is an exercise mat. With the Pilates abdominal exercises you will strengthen the abdominal muscles and especially low in the abdomen.

04- Exercises for fat around the abdomen

A common problem in all women who do sedentary work is the fat right and left of the abdomen (but also around it) which is difficult to get rid of. But there are also exercises for this. The bridge exercise and the side bridge work wonders. Do up to 15 repetitions in each exercise.

05- Gymnastics with chair

By using the chair you can do exercises that burn belly fat. Such exercises include pull ups, lifting both knees at the same time and stretching the legs upwards and then to the floor. You can combine these exercises with the exercises mentioned above.

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