Google Chrome: Useful New Feature

Google Chrome: Useful New Feature,

Google Web Browser' Tab Management system in Google Chrome is often over whelming for devices', if more tabs open in google' Chrome, the browser will use the more devices memory.

And Now with these problems in mind'- Google has added' new Features to overcome the tab management issue of the google Chrome.

One of them is the google chrome's group tabs feature', for which at least two tabs' can be combined' to create a new group*. Now- you can create the many groups and add website of your choice-

Each google chrome group can also be given a group name and a specific' color.

However- this google chrome feature still seems a little difficult' to use, so Google has added the another feature scrolling tabs in the new google chrome version.

It is not available to all users, but it can be tested by opening a tab and entering chrome: // flags, where you can disable the scrollable' tab strap in the google chrome menu- and after which the browser' will restart.

After activating this google chrome feature, you will be able to scroll tabs.- Google says that these new google chrome features will be useful' for our users.

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