PM imran khan response on PDM lahore jalsa at minar e pakistan, breaking news

There is a clear message to the PDM that my government will never give NRO, PM Imran Khan.

The opposition wants to save money by blackmailing me. I will not get involved in blackmailing. The PDM spent a lot of money to get NRO, wasted time, and endangered people's lives. Prime Minister Imran Khan's tweet

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in no uncertain terms that I will make it clear once again that I will not give NRO in any case, the opposition wants to save the looted money by blackmailing me. I will not come, PDM spent a lot of money, wasted time, and endangered people's lives to get NRO.

He said in response to the PDM's Lahore meeting on Twitter that he would once again make it absolutely clear that he would never give an NRO. Whatever the future plans and intentions of the PDM regarding further blackmail, my message is very clear. Whatever looters use, my government will never issue an NRO.

Imran Khan added that sorry! The PDM has shown ruthlessness by risking the lives of the people with a lot of money, time and effort during the escalation of the epidemic and proved that it does not even care about the health and safety of the citizens.

All these tactics are to save my stolen wealth by blackmailing me for providing NRO. Furthermore, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that the leader gives a message and does not give street invitations, the time of his defeat will start after the meeting, it cannot harm Imran Khan, he is going to end his own politics. have been. The Home Minister said that we allowed a sit-in for 126 days, we could not do anything, if they could not fill even 35% of the space of the meeting hall, how could they come to Islamabad.

Earlier, a rally of lakhs of people was held at Minar e Pakistan on a day's notice. Now a few thousand people are in the rally. They are not even worthy of my press conference. There are less people than the general rally. It was the most recent meeting. If you look at Fazlur Rehman's face, the winds are blowing, what he thought is happening is being reversed, the venue of the meeting was announced two months ago but still people did not come, it seems not the party MNOs have also become unpopular.

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