fantastic nature beauty of murree hill station pakistan

Pakistan's natural beauty' Murree
Murree place is one of the most popular' and beautiful hill' Stations in Pakistan, It is located at an altitude of more than 7,000 feet above sea level. In fact, the Murree and Kahuta hills are branches of the Himalayas. These hills consist of five parallel ranges, one of which is the special Murree range.

These days, the caravan of Bihar is camping in 'Queen Kohsar Murree', which is surrounded by tall green, dense and lush trees. Thousands of feet high peaks that were covered with snow from December to February are now peeking out of the snow. Roads have been opened, and birds have begun to chirp happily as the cold rays of the sun spread from one tree to another. New shoots sprout forth from the trees. All sorts of flowers are eager to bloom on the slopes. Some shopkeepers and hoteliers who had moved to the plains due to the severe cold have started returning to their hometowns to prepare for the tourists.

The journey to Murree starts from a road in Rawalpindi. This road has been named 'Murree Road' for the sake of Murree. This road starts changing and rising from Islamabad. Sometimes on the left side of this road and sometimes on the right side there are deep ditches which are full of greenery. As the dying tourists ascend, the ravines become deeper and deeper and from here the tourists begin to fall in love with the natural beauty and scenery.

He wants to stop every step of the way. The shadows here are thick everywhere. The oak, oak, silver oak, silky oak, cedar, plunder, bitter, eagle, brahmin, and the oldest trees have progressed in such a way that nature cannot be left unattended. These are the main reasons for the greenery of the roads. Apart from this, Hungi, Kain, Olive, Sugar, Violet, Gul Saranjan, Gul Tarni are the wild flowers that grow here as a natural reward.

When tourists see such beautiful valleys, travel for miles and reach the Mall Road of Murree, it seems as if man has come to heaven from the desert. Murree Mall Road is the last corner of this road. It is similar to a camel's hump. The Mall Road from Kashmir Point to Pindi Point on the top of Mount Murree is like the heart of Murree. It is also known as Murree's 'Rukh Zeba'. The same road turns right at Lawrence College, passes under a chairlift above the pine trees, passes Shangri-La and past Punjab House. Is.

On the other hand, next to Sunny Bank, another road envelops the lush landscapes of Kaldana Road at the foot of it. ۔ Most of the tourists from Abbottabad, Nathiagli and Muzaffarabad and Azad Kashmir reach Murree through this route. It is as if the roads come to Murree from all sides and meet the Mall Road.

Mall Road is the area of ​​Murree where all the people from home and abroad come and stay. There are about five hundred hotels here. These hotels have all the comforts and conveniences of life. There are heaters in winter and air conditioners in summer. Even though the weather here is very cold in summer.

There are all kinds of hotels on and around the Mall Road. Ordinary hotels, luxury hotels or relatively cheap hotels. It is as if the pockets allow you to stay in such hotels. Hotels as well as restaurants abound here. Whether you are in the habit of eating halwa for breakfast or pratha, there are plenty of facilities at these hotels. Then for lunch and dinner here is biryani, qorma, roast beef, qeema, chicken, goat curry, nahari, haleem, kheer, milk jalebi, rubber, tea, what is the purpose of coffee which is not available on Mall Road Be.

Mall Road is located on the top of a hill and winding roads descend around it. These roads also reach the local population of Murree. There are also meat markets for locals and agencies of multinational companies. Apart from this, there is also a bazaar for the purchase of furniture showrooms and all kinds of equipment like the school of magazines and journals, Lahore and Karachi. The number of tourists coming here is less. There are few hotels and typical local style houses.

The Mall Road is a place where you will find the country's most famous politicians, writers, poets, sportsmen and all other high profile personalities visiting Murree. The Mall Road is Murree's busiest and most open place at night. On Murree Road, you can find everything from clothes to make-up items and from trivial items to house decorations, so everyone buys something and finds Mall Road. Most newlyweds come to Murree to celebrate their honeymoon. They make programs, so on the Mall Road, the newlyweds can be seen walking around with all the make-up and wedding dresses and perfumes.

Then there are educational institutions like hotels, lawns colleges and convents of J&M like Bhur Bin Pearl Continental, golf courses, post offices, mobile phones, hospitals, mosques, churches, everything is there in Murree and it feels like a cosmopolitan city. There is only a short time left to become.

The city of Murree looks beautiful in every season. Summer or winter, spring, autumn or rain. Each season makes the natural beauty of Murree even more beautiful. The slopes of its mountains are full of dense and lush trees and flowers of all kinds. Even when the temperature in the plains rises above 120 Fahrenheit, the temperature of Murree does not exceed that Fahrenheit. The weather here is mild in summer and the day is more enjoyable in cotton clothes. In the evening, when the weather becomes a little chilly, people go for walks wearing sweaters and light coats.

In spring, Murree Kashan is no less beautiful than a virgin. In summer, this young lady dresses like a bride, while the rainy season is even more beautiful here. There is so much rain here in this season that it is cloudy for one and a half hundred days of the year and it rains for 28 days in August. The reason for the heavy rains is the dense forests and greenery of Murree which attracts the clouds which makes it rain heavily.

It is this rain that gives new life and new life to the natural beauty of Murree. The fragrant air coming from the forests brings a message of health and happiness to the tourists and the permanent residents here. There are such beautiful fields in the forests where man sees the beauty of nature naked. Sosoft and sometimes even taller trees are characteristic of Murree. These trees stand with majestic dignity in 53051 acres. The abundance of springs and the dense shadows of the wall, the nails, the eagle, the plow, the mortgage, the stuffing, the palm tree, the sheesham walnut and the kawt trees give the visitors a view that amazes the mind and dazzles the eyes. Is. Thanks to the trees, Murree is a source of fresh air all year round.

The monsoon opens in mid-July. Thirsty peaks and slopes are covered with water for hours. The eye of the clouds with the sun continues throughout the day. When the weather is bad, the clouds come from house to house. Sometimes you come in a crowd of clouds, sometimes the clouds fall below you.

With August, the rains go away and the atmosphere becomes clear and bright. The autumn of Murree is no less beautiful than the spring. Autumn does not come here with sadness and drought but brings flowers and fruits.

September is the best month for Murree. In the surrounding villages, apples ripen and walnuts are harvested. The markets of Murree are full of fresh fruits. The view of the sunset is spectacular.

With the arrival of October comes the cold. Tourists return to their cities and the city begins to be deserted. Most of the mines on the Mall Road are closed and the beautiful scenery of the past months seems like a forgotten dream.

Snowfall begins in late December and lasts until February. The tops of the trees, the mounds, the roads and the roofs of the houses are dressed in camphor and Murree looks like a magical city. Fun enthusiasts head to town again and enjoy the snow.

In winter, when Queen Kohsar wears a white sheet made of snow, the radiance of her beauty dazzles the eyes.

To get the most out of Murree's natural beauty, tourists need to get out of Murree. The view of the eastern part of Murree from the Lower Topa, Range and Patriata offers a very charming and beautiful view, especially at night. Similarly, the view of the western side of the city from Changla Gali, Khaira Gali and Khanspur is related to the view.

The scenic spots around the city of Murree are exemplary. Both routes to Kohala Azad Kashmir, Lower Devil Road and Kohala Bridal Road. Truth be told, many of the attractions of Murree are found on the road that connects Murree with Nathiagli, Abbottabad. Bariyan, Khaira Gali, Changla Gali, Ayubia, Khanspur, Donga Gali, Kabal Bagh, Bara Gali are the places that have endless treasures of eternal beauty of nature at their feet. Mountain tops adorned with evergreen pine and pine trees add to the beauty of the area.

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