16 best and most beautiful places to see in pakistan

If you are a tourist, then surely next year there will be some place in your schedule where you would like to go.

The Sadaatweb website features special photo features of Pakistan's beautiful and historic sites. The aim is also to provide awareness to tourists. you must visit these places of Pakistan.

We've selected 16 of these must-see locations from these photo features.
This experience will definitely be unforgettable for you.

16 most beautiful places in Pakistan

01- Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. (وادی نیلم، آزاد کشمیر)

Neelum is the name of Most Beautiful and Jamil Valley, which Stretches for 240 kilo meter from the Chahla Bandi Bridge to Tabat north of muzaffarabad - this is the Capital of Azad Kashmir. This valley is as most beautiful as its name.

The Neelum Valley name is one of the top list in beautiful valleys in Pakistani Kashmir side with rivers' clear & cold water canals' Forests and lush Mountains, There are cascading waterfalls and cascading waterfalls from the high mountains, the sharp, milky waters of which flow over the road, and the headwaters of the big rocks finally join the gray waters of the Neelum River.

02- Naltar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan. (وادی نلتر، گلگت بلتستان)

Located two and a half hours away from Gilgit, Naltar Valley is famous for its colorful lakes, where the world's best potatoes are also grown. Surrounded by the pine Forests. Naltar valley seems' to be a quiet and secluded' place from the world.

03- Shangri-La Resorts. (شنگریلا ریزورٹس)

Leaving the Karakoram Highway a short distance from Jaglot, a narrow, rugged road turns toward Skardu. In this seven-hour journey, many settlements, mountain streams and good-natured people greet the traveler. As soon as you cross the ancient wooden bridge over the Indus River, a road leads to the tourist paradise Shangri-La. It is a popular tourist destination about 25 minutes by car from the city of Skardu - the highlight of the Shangri-La Rest House is the restaurant built into an aircraft structure.

04- Gojal Valley. (وادی گوجال)

The most beautiful Gojal Valley is Pakistan's border region with China and Afghanistan. the Gojal's border with China is at Khanjrab.

The Karakoram Highway, which connects Pakistan with China, also passes through the Gojal Valley and enters China at Khanjrab. Needless to say, these pictures are enough to tell the story.

05- Deosai. (دیوسائی)

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Deosai is the world's highest and only mountain range of its kind, at no place less than 4,000 meters high. For eight months of the year, the place is covered with snow, but surprisingly, during the four months of summer, thousands of colorful wildflowers bloom on the land of these 3000 square kilometers of flat plains consisting of mountain slopes and valleys. Yes, but not a single tree is found anywhere. Lake Chaucer is also part of it. It is one of the highest lakes in the world, with its deep blue waters, snow-capped mountains, lush grass and colorful flowers.

06- Rama Meadows. (راما میڈو)

Eleven kilo meters from Astor is the village of Rama, considered one of the most beautiful villages in the north. Next to the village is the beautiful plain of Rama which is called Rama Meadow. Our blogger Syed Mehdi Bukhari has described this place in the words' Working women working in the fields, and their colorful ankles swaying in the air, fragrant atmosphere, happy faces, swaying children, swinging trees, winding roads, Flowing water is the hallmark of Rama village.

Similarly, if there is an open green field in front of you, there is cold ice milky water flowing in the form of drains in the field, sheep, cows are grazing in the field on the banks of the water, there are tall lush pine trees around, At the back of the field there is a pine forest on a hill slope and above it is the snow-capped peak of Chongra, with the peak is the southern wall of Nanga Parbat. If a large mirror reflects and kills everywhere, then you are definitely in Rama Meadow.

07- Paye. (پائے)

Above the Sugaran Valley, the vast expanse of lush foothills in the Hindu Kush Mountains attracts a large number of tourists. Often surrounded by fog and clouds, the place is enchanted by small water-filled pits, horse-drawn carriages, wildflowers, and a lush spider's web. Surrounded by spider peaks and Queen Mountain, the view of the lake can also be a memorable experience.

08- Avon and Bamburit Valley. (ایون اور وادی بمبوریت)

Avon is a village in Chitral District, 12 km south of the city of Chitral, at the confluence of the Bamburit River. we have no words to explain to the Beauty of this pakistan village' surrounded by mountains, Similarly, Bamburit Valley is beyond Avon, one of the three valleys of Kalash.

Bamburit can be reached in about two hours from Chitral. The Bamburit Valley is a very green and lush place, but you can still feel the peace and quiet here.

09- Swat Valley. (سوات)

Marghzar is the only airspace in Swat district, about 12 km from the central city of Mingora. Tourists not only visit the meadow because of its natural beauty and mild climate, but also visit the White Palace (1941), a historical building from the Swat state.

By the order of Mian Gul Abdul Wadud alias Badshah Sahib (1881-1971), the founder of the modern state of Swat, when the construction of the White Palace was completed in 1941, the area of ​​Marghzar became the summer capital of the state of Swat. Even today, seven decades later, the White Palace is a reference point. The beauty of this palace is worth seeing even after the snowfall in summer as well as in winter.

10- kirthar region. (کیرتھر کا خطہ)

The history of this region is so rich that it is lost in the maze of time. The mountain range consisting of several peaks forms a natural border between Balochistan and Sindh including Gorakh Hill (5700), Katteji Kabar (6877). And the tombs of the slaves (7112) are prominent.

The 150-mile stretch is an ideal resort for rivers, springs and historical sites, but unfortunately the number of visitors is negligible. Local residents are eager to welcome tourists and want to improve the face of their area.

11- Mubarak Village, Karachi. (مبارک ولیج، کراچی)

Mubarak Village is the second largest fishing village in Karachi, bordering Gadani (Balochistan). Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place greets you with unconditional love. As you approach the shore, you see boats anchored in crystal clear water.

12- The rural face of Punjab on the banks of the river Chenab.
(دریائے چناب کے کنارے پنجاب کا دیہی چہرہ)

Allah Almighty has blessed the province of Punjab with innumerable blessings. Gold is flowing, lands are swaying, fields and colors are a gift of nature.

At the end of winter, the trees and plants are again covered with greenery. Every hundred mustard fields signify the arrival of new life. This is probably the effect of Chenab, in whose waters such nectar is mixed that the cities, settlements, villages along its land are ever fertile with the mind. Many intelligent people including Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Shivkumar Batalvi were born here. The Chenab River flows calmly at Marala, 20 km from the city.

13- Ghanche. (گانچھے)

This land of rocky mountains, flowing blue waters, cascading waterfalls is rich in natural and human beauty. The capital of Ghanche, Khaplo, is as beautiful as its name. Settled on the banks of the Shewak River, this population is as simple and pure today as it was centuries ago. Leaving Khaplo, we proceed to the open field of the river Shewak on the same road, where the river spreads and flows in the form of drains in its vast pebble-filled field. From here you can see the top of Mash Brom Peak behind it.

14- Rani Kot. (رنی کوٹ)

Covering an area of ​​26 km2, it is the largest fort in the world, but the authorities have failed to promote tourism here. The fort is easily reached from Karachi national highway.

The road is in excellent condition and is an hour's drive from the hometown of Sindhi nationalist GM Syed. on the road a  Board Announcing that the  Rani Kot is about thirty kilometers away. Even though the road is very bad, this distance can be covered in 30 to 40 minutes.

15- Bahawalpur. (بہاولپور)

The former state of Bahawalpur in Punjab owns a treasure trove of historic buildings, monuments and gardens that you may never have heard of. The city is located on the left bank of the Sutlej River on the Peshawar-Karachi railway line. Along with the desert area, lush gardens are also a sight to behold, while the splendor of the palaces is breathtaking.

16- Gorkha Hill. (گورکھ ہل)

Snowfall and in Sindh? This may sound like a myth, but it is a place in Sindh province where it actually snows in winter. During 2008 here were all the hills Covered with Snow.

Gorakh Hill is a scenic spot at 5,688 feet above sea level and is part of the Kirthar Range, which connects the Sindh border with Balochistan to the west.

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