Happy New Year Wishes 2021, Messages, Greetings

Happy New Year Wishes 2021, Messages, Greetings.

Happy New Year 2021
I wish you happiness, tender and fiery love.
Do not let success leave your affairs.
In the arms of affection, bliss, warmth.

favorable for all
Zodiac signs indiscriminately!
May the Bull ensure success in business,
On the bridge to dreams - support,
Having chewed up the desires of sweet lush haystacks
For the fabulous period of New Year,
Indicate that, one of a hundred roads -
In love and happiness, wonderful lands.

happy new year messages
Great weather,
Flying gait,
Wonderful finds.
Most successful photos,
Blondes, brunettes,
Guitars and clarinets,
In short, girlfriend
Gorgeous year
Let every moment be wonderful,
Let quiet joy live in your soul, Let the
mood sparkle like the sun
All the time, and not only in the New Year.
Happy New Year 2021! Let the dazzling dreams flare up in your heart like stars behind the clouds, let them, like the pleiads of lofty constellations, tenderly beckon you, generously endowing with enthusiastic inspiration and the promise of warmth and exceptional happiness.

happy new year messages
Since 2021, friends, I congratulate you,
Let it be sparkling and successful in it every hour,
Let it shine with positive and joy every day,
There will be only a shadow in it from sadness and failure.
I wish you to live with hope, strive and create,
For your work, perseverance, wisdom to wait for surprises from life,
Let fate be generous and please you in full,
And even in frost and cold, let spring bloom in your soul.
I wish you all year long to hold the bull by the horns tightly,
And strive for your goal, for your cherished dream to run,
Let the year shine like a tree, with the radiance of happy eyes,
And life will be just a fairy tale in the New Year with you!
The twenty-first is a year of good luck, the
Ox supervises it.
I sincerely congratulate
And wish oh-ho:
Happiness, passionate feelings, success,
Well, a whole load of money, The
bull is strong, he will bring everything.
Welcome the train with joy.

happy new year messages
The metal bull rushed in full steam, promising a fun and active year, may the New 2021 justify all your hopes, add health to the body, vigor - spirit, wisdom - decisions, courage - actions, may there always be good luck, loyal friends and loved ones, and every day pleases with positive, success and happy moments, Happy New Year.
The 21st century has opened the doors to us
Into a good new 21st year.
On this holiday, I believe with all my heart,
That he will bring you happiness
And give everything that you dream of
And what you hope for in your soul.
May you soon, rejoicing, find out,
That everything is about to happen already,
That the basket will
give you a New Year as a gift,
That luck will knock on the window
And forever will enter your house.

happy new year messages
Taking a merry bull in a new team, the
New Year is knocking on us - doors wide open.
He flies with gifts, optimism, laughter
And with bright hope, and with great success.
With new happiness, dear ones, and with a wonderful year,
Let the surprises fly to you in a friendly round dance,
Let every hour be filled, every moment
With sincere feelings, fabulous luck.
I wish you great victories, the embodiment of ideas, bold decisions and successful projects! 2021 - it's time to take the Bull by the horns and embody our plans, because the owner of the year favors the bold, decisive and stubborn. Challenge yourself as a fearless bullfighter and manage to subdue a restive bull. Happy New Year.
So the figli-blinks of the Kryskin are summed up,
She shouldn't whine after her: "If only, if only" - It's
time to drink champagne with burnt notes.
Oh, do not deceive hopes, snow-white Bull,

happy new year wishes
Rush to us, loaded with wonderful gifts,
Sweep away sadness, longing, debts with your hooves.
Since January, let our life change for the better
(Since the government does not calve, you help it),
May our loved ones delight in health, A
whirlpool awaits the sweet love feelings,
Serenely fabulous, peaceful, kind, sincere
May 2021 be the year.
Once a year we have "two thousand twenty-FIRST",
I wish you the primacy in everything.
Let success serve as truth and faith,
Let the house sparkle with wealth.
I wish you bright meetings and adventures,
Health, all-embracing love.
"Pleasures", smiles, pleasures ...
And let, of course, dreams come true.

happy new year wishes
Let the new year 2021 enter your home with the confident gait of a financial tycoon and offer stunning prospects for career and economic growth, take care of the supercomfort of a home and work environment, and drink a glass of unfading joy and optimism with you to brotherhood!
Get ready for the bullfight, Goby is already eager to fight.
Towards Bigger Income
Let him make the leap.
Red canvas of the problem
wave before the Bull, He will tear it to shreds,
So breathe easily.
Let your bets play, the
Bull will bring good luck, Let the coming year be
glorious, spectacular and bright.
happy new year wishes
Happy New Year 2021 Let your life be transformed into a truly pastoral picture: let the stubborn Bull, the owner of the year, treat him with his endurance, your heart periodically freezes from endless prospects, and the house will always be a pleasant nest.
In the year 2021, let luck
be by your side everywhere.
Let all problems be solved easily, Let
health grow stronger, by itself.
And let your wallet get fat,
And your heart "fries" with love.
Let no one dare to grieve,
And everything will be as you want.
Let the happiness be immense,
let the Soul always sing.
And let, of course, the
notoriously Merry Noisy New Year pass .
Happy New Year, congratulations!
Let the year 2021
obediently fulfill all Desires,
Let you be lucky in all matters.

happy new year wishes
Let the mood be wonderful,
Eyes shine with joy.
In my heart the weather will be clear, A
guiding star leads to success.
Of course, let your health grow stronger,
Your dreams come true easily.
The heart is illuminated with love,
A magic warmth lives in the soul.
Only a little bit is left until the X-hour, soon 2021 will become the main symbol for the whole year. I wish that every digit in the number was successful for you. Let the joys be doubled, the problems equal to zero, the other half will be nearby, and all efforts lead to the first place. Holiday greetings!
Happy New Year 2021
May joy and happiness fill the soul with his arrival,
Let hopes wake up, all problems
will be unleashed, And in the New Year there will be themes for jokes and holidays.

happy new year wishes
Let the year that will come soon bring luck with it,
Make you happy with health and colorful mood, Let it give you
victories and a new stream of aspirations,
Cover with an avalanche of sweet and quivering sensations.
Happy coming year, friends, congratulations,
Like garlands on a Christmas tree, let your eyes shine
From dreams and hope, from cherished desires,
From endless love and from ardent confessions.
The Year of the Ox, which is coming to us, will overcome obstacles,
May success await you in it and gifts-rewards,
And great joy knocks at your windows,
In the Year of the Ox, let real happiness rush to you.

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