Flying-V Airplane Model Completes First Flight

A strange model of a plane carrying passengers in its wings.

Researchers at the Dutch Delft University of Technology were able to develop a future fuel-saving aircraft that could carry passengers in its wings, in addition to having a unique passenger cabin, according to the US "CNN" agency .

The researchers had been able to make the first successful flight of the "Flying-V" plane , by controlling it remotely, as the speed of the plane reached 80 kilo meters per hour, and the cargo section and fuel tanks are located in the wings, and experts hope that the dynamic shape of the plane It will reduce fuel consumption by 20% compared to today's aircraft, according to the Middle East newspaper .

It is worth noting that the experts plan to use the data they gathered during the test flight to build an aerodynamic model of the aircraft, which will allow them to program it into a flight simulator for future tests, and to improve flights .

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