Apple Events: Apple’s next event is September 15, 2020

Next week will be important for iPhone users

New York: Leading American technology company Apple has announced the date of its annual introductory ceremony.

According to international media reports, due to Corona, Apple's annual introductory ceremony will be held online on Tuesday, September 15, in which the iPhone 12 can be introduced.

Technology watchdogs believe that with the new iPhone model, the latest iPad and Apple Watch models will also be introduced.

The introductory ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. September 15, local time.

Last year, Apple introduced its new mobile phone and other items on September 12. Due to Corona, this year's introductory ceremony was postponed and now it is being held online.

The company had planned to hold the event in September this year, but due to the deteriorating situation in Corona and warnings from experts, Apple did not invite people from all over the world to attend, nor could it be held on the scheduled date.

Some technology experts believe that the company will introduce only the Apple Watch and iPad at the event on September 15, while the iPhone will be unveiled on October 12.

Greg Joswick, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, announced the date of the introductory event on the social networking site, but did not specify what the company was going to introduce.

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