A book that reveals why Trump underestimates the Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump admitted last February that he knew the seriousness of the emerging corona virus and its ability to spread, but he did not convey this information to the American people because he did not want to cause panic, according to interviews conducted for a new book.

The recorded interviews obtained by CNN and were the basis for a new book entitled "Anger" by journalist Bob Woodward appeared a few weeks before the presidential election on November 3, at a time when Trump's efforts in the fight against Covid-19 are exposed. For harsh criticism, describing it as weak and too late.

Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the presidential elections, attacked the US president, who played down the virus for months at a time when the epidemic was worsening and spreading rapidly, and struck a chord with the government's slowness in taking control measures.

Trump told Woodward on March 19, days after declaring the national emergency, "I have always wanted to underestimate it ... I still prefer to underestimate it, because I don't want to cause a panic."

In that conversation, Trump told Woodward also that some "surprising facts" immediately emerged about who the virus was targeting, adding, "They are not only the elderly ... the young also ... many young people."

Today, Wednesday, the White House denied that Trump has deliberately misled Americans about the virus that has killed more than 190,000 people in the United States so far, with new cases of infection rising in the Midwest.

Shortly after the reports on the book surfaced, White House spokeswoman Kylie McKinani responded to what was said in a news briefing, "No ... at all."

She Added ' The president has never underestimated the virus '.

CNN and the Washington Post reported, according to interviews, that Trump knew in early February that the virus was exceptionally deadly.

It travels through the air, it is always more difficult than touching- You don't have to touch things. Right ? But as for the air, you breathe it in and that's the way it travels, Mr Trump said in a recording of an interview with Woodward on February 7.

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